Western Digital Caviar Black

Western Digital Caviar Black

People who love to play games on the computer or just like their PC to have high performance should choose the Western Digital Caviar Black Hard Drive. In fact, this hard drive is the best for the extreme gaming experience. The Western Digital Caviar Black Hard Drive has a cooling drive operation with no touch head operation and vibration protection technology. The features ensure the highest performance and maintaining durability and well-sustained data throughput.

The Western Digital Caviar Black Hard Drive can store up to 400,000 of digital photos, 500,000 of mp3 files, 50,000 of CD-quality songs, and much more. Of course, everything depends on the file size, formatting, settings, and others. The point is that this hard drive can store lots of things.
This hard drive features a dual processor that improves computer’s performance. It has twice the processing power of a regular hard drive. The cache of this hard drive is colossal, as it can cache up to 64 MB.

The Western Digital Caviar Black Hard Drive is using a technology called Dual Actuator. It improves the positional accuracy of the data tracks using two actuators. The first actuator is the primary one. It uses a conventional electromagnetic actuator to provide a coarse displacement. The secondary actuator is fine-tuning the head positioning using piezoelectric motion to provide a high-level of accuracy. This hard drive is using secured motor shafts so that the vibration can be significantly reduced. The secured motor shafts also stabilize the platters, so the hard drive can produce accurate tracking on its read and write operations.

With the Western Digital Caviar Black Hard Drive, the users will be able to maximize their computer performance, so that they can experience excellent gaming performance, and running other applications smoothly.

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