Acer Aspire One AO522-BZ897

The Acer Aspire One AO522-BZ897 is an excellent combination of outstanding performance and sleek, stylish look. This netbook can provide you with all-around HD experience wherever you are. The Acer Aspire One AO522-BZ897 can efficiently handle daily tasks like browsing the web, sending and receiving emails, streaming online HD videos, chatting, viewing photos, editing documents, and many more.

The Acer Aspire One AO522-BZ897 is powered by AMD Fusion Accelerated Processing Unit that is designed to provide vibrant, sharp and lifelike HD entertainment.  The netbook also has AMD Radeon HD 6250 graphics that offers high-quality HD video that support Microsoft DirectX 11, 1080p video output through HDMI, edge sharpening, and real-time image processing with auto contrast and color adjustment.

The Acer Aspire One AO522-BZ897 netbook has a 10.1-inch display, and it is equipped with lots of features like Wi-Fi, hard drive with 250 GB storage capacity, and others. The laptop is using a battery that can provide up to 6 hours of power so that the users can do everything they need to do on-the-go.

The HD playback capabilities of the Acer Aspire One AO522-BZ897 allow this netbook to integrate into a home entertainment system easily. The laptop is equipped with an HDMI port to easily connect to video projectors or HDTV and share HD video contents on a big screen at 1080p resolution.

The Acer Aspire One AO522-BZ897 is equipped with a big keyboard so that the users can type comfortably. The netbook also has a touchpad with a multi-gesture feature that is perfect for scrolling documents, zooming, browsing, rotating images and computer accessories etc. The Acer Aspire One AO522-BZ897 netbook complies with Energy Star standards, and it is mercury free. The laptop ensures 22.2% power savings compared to other laptops.

The netbook is pre-installed with Microsoft Windows 7 Starter, with Microsoft Office Starter 2010 and mini laptop accessories.